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Abbildung: Ana verliebt in Paris Abbildung: Eiffelturm vom Norden Abbildung: Paris Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre Abbildung: Stellina entspannt sich im Bett nach Paris
Paris Bildquellen: Stadtansichten Eiffelturm und Paris Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre von Wikipedia, Ana und Stellina unter Privatlizenz.

Stellina ganz entspannt beim Morgencafe in Paris

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    Feeling Love in Paris

    It was one of those warm but rainny spring days. Paris was crowded at this time of the year. You could see everywhere couples, lost in romance, in the city of lights, reflecting its beauty in the banks of Seqouana. The woman was feeling very lonely. She was at her mid 20's. Tall like a model, with a lean but shapely body, very feminine and etherial.

    Her sleek black hair were reaching her waist and waving as she was walking sliding on the street.. He was tall and well built, with blonde straight hair, falling gracefuly around his strong face. His eyes were blue like the summer sea or the open skies. They have met some hours ago in a small cafe. None of them fell awkward. It was like they knew each other for years. They started dancing cheek to cheek. Their bodies were very close. Their touch,was soft,but they could feel their flesh boilling up. It was rainning mildly. She was wearing a see through top and a pair of leggings. She was in her favourite black high heels. Her hair was wet, as the drops were falling under the lights. She was like a Goddess that was taking her shower in heaven's waterfalls.

    He felt mesmerized by her beauty. He held her closer to him. She could feel his heart racing and pumping hard. His pants were soaked, and sticked to his body. His crotch was bulging, she could sense it throbbing since her leggings were extra thin. He had his arms around her waist, stroking her hair. Their first kiss, was passionate and wet. Their mouths were making love. His tongue was tasting her greedily with her responding. They were feeling so hot now. He slipped his hands through her top. Her skin was extremely soft, although she had goosebumbs. He asked her if she was chilling. She nodded "no" and kept kissing his face.They walked a bit further,and got in a dark alley. Nobody could see them now,only alley cats.She was with her back on the wall.He lifted her top,and caressed her breasts. Her nipples were hard between his fingertips. Then he started kissing and teasing them with his tongue and lips. He was circling them, sucking them and nibbling like a baby. She was stroking his body too, she unzipped his pants, and his sex sprung out. She cupped his testicles. She could feel his seed travelling in his scrotum. He slipped his hand in her leggings and felt her wetness down there.He probed with his fingers her female parts,gently pressed her hot bumb. He was rubbing her down lips softly, up and down, feeling the waves of pleasure coming close. She started shivering, by his little pressure on her clit and her first orgasm exploded in his hand. He wanted to taste her nectar juices that were now dripping down from the hole of heaven. He kneeled in front of her, pulled down her leggings, up to her ankles,and shoved his mouth between her legs. He started brushing her vagina. He was drinking from her body,feeling grateful and blessed for their union.She was on the verge of her second orgasm,this time in his pretty mouth.She let herself loose,and soon she climaxed again. She was moaning loud from pleasure.

    She did not want even to catch her breath. She was crazy about this man, who brought her in touch with her deep feminine side. She wanted him inside her. She whispered in his ear, how much she needed to be his. He lifted her legs and placed them around his waist.His manhood in her palm was solid like wood. She loved stroking it, and following with her fingertips every vein. She guided him inside her ripe mellon. They were making love all night long. He was orgasming with her like one's satisfaction was depending on the other. Lust and love were bounded so well within them.

    Mutual pleasure and happiness made this night in Paris unforgetable for both although they never met again.

    Internet Trading

    The internet can be described as a revolution and with the possibility of making millions right from the comfort of our homes, the future of internet trading can only be brighter. Speed, power, and wealth with access to several money making opportunities is what the internet came with and this trend has been widely accepted around the globe. The internet totally changed how trade was done and within a short of period time, the protocol changed. While some traders felt reluctant to accept what hit them, others readily accepted the change and moved on with it. In fact, most people grew to admire and love the advancements.

    The love of the internet trading phenomenon was so overwhelming for some people; they never bothered to check for pitfalls. Internet trading has produced millionaires within a short period of time and it has also resulted in the downfall of many traders that were not cautious enough to look before leaping. Some of these features are discussed below.

    One of the many pitfalls of internet trading is reduced commissions to brokers. Internet trading has significantly reduced the amount of work done by brokers and expectedly, their compensation reduces. This can also be a plus to the broker as the internet avails him the opportunity to carry out multiple trades in behalf of their clients. This low commission has led to the delivery of poor service to small investors in some firms. This is however no generic as some good firms still deliver quality service regardless of the size of the investment.

    Internet trading has led to the execution of a number of trades in an incredibly short time. While this can be regarded as an advantage, the speed at which these trades are executed can be misleading. The fact actually remains that the speed of executing trades has not increased; only the speed of communication with the broker increased. After receiving your order, the broker goes on doing his job to get you the best deals. Some fluctuations could actually take place within this period and the best way to prevent errors coming from the speed of executed trades is to use a limit order for protection against loss while your broker does his job. The task of choosing the right brokerage firm can also be a pitfall of internet trading if customers do not properly do their homework. A little bit of research and findings will help in the selection of a reliable online brokerage firm. Internet trading has led to the near demise if specialty brokers with most brokers turning to jack of all trades. Customers are benefitting from this and would rather go for brokers that can handle all types of trades with really no speciality in a particular form. However, there are still some firms who have only specialty brokers with each broker restricted to his specialty.

    Internet trading comes with its benefits and disadvantages and as a client, it is advised you diligently do your homework to avoid losses.

    Jessy goes to Paris

    Jessy: I'm going to Paris

    Shopping afternoon in Paris

    Paris is one of the most exciting places where you can choose to shop nowadays, and there are lots of reasons why you should have a dedicated shopping afternoon in Paris. With so many haute couture shops and a wide range of jewelry/perfume shops, coming here to purchase original stuff is just a sheer delight to be honest! A good shopping afternoon in Paris can start in the region near the Eiffelturm. The Eiffel Tower is widely known for having a wide range of interesting shops, most of which are trinket shops, but there are a few haute couture shops there as well, and they can be a good starting point for your shopping trip.

    At the same time, here you can also enjoy some of the most exquisite diamond shops in Paris, so this is definitely a great place to check out at all times. Of course, if you want to venture deeper into Paris, then a very good location to continue your shopping venture is definitely the Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

    Here you can find a ton of interesting stuff, from clothing to some of the most luxurious watch shops in Europe. When you come to France, and Paris in particular, you are entering a world of exquisite locations and luxury, something you will surely enjoy! This is why the Avenue des Champs-Élysées is one of the best places to perform a shopping afternoon in Paris. What makes the shops in Avenue des Champs-Élysées different is that they just rule the whole massive street, as there are so many of them. Because of that, coming here is an astounding experience on its own, with tons of stuff you are surely going to like.

    Do not think that Eiffelturm and the Avenue des Champs-Élysées are only filled with exquisite merchandise, because you will be wrong. Of course, you can find a café and a shopping mall quite often in this region, but on the side there are thrift shops and even secondhand shops that offer items at decent prices. What can be more relaxing than visiting these stores here, going from a shopping mall to a thrift store on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées as you try to get some stuff for yourself or a souvenir for your friends? It is quite obvious that shopping in Paris is just an amazing experience, and you will surely enjoy every moment!

    There is a ton of stuff to be seen in Paris when it comes to shops, and that is why visiting the landmarks in the morning/during the day is a good idea, because you can dedicate your afternoon for shopping, and you will be glad you did.

    As you can see, shopping in Paris can be fun, and there are a lot of options for you! From the Eiffelturm to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and other locations, all of these provide you with great shops that you can peruse as you see fit. Leave the café and head to the shopping mall, your shopping experience in Paris awaits!

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